Facial Rejuvenation Gallery

Before And After Photos of Facelift

Many surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation options can be utilized to rejuvenate your look. A traditional or minimally invasive facelift can greatly improve neck laxity and create a youthful jawline contour. In addition, a facelift often creates a more attractive upper cheek contour (best seen on 3/4 view images on the left). Facial contour can be further enhanced by structural fat grafting, creating a harmoniously rejuvenated look.

Lower eyelid “bags” and upper eyelid skin “hooding” are treated by blepharoplasty, with or without a browlift. Blepharoplasty creates a refreshed and more vibrant look by improving “tired” appearance of the aging eyes. Skin wrinkles and deep creases that do not improve with the facelift can be further treated with a combination of skin resurfacing (Fractional Laser is my preferred method), fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse or Botox.   If you’d like more information on our plastic surgery in NYC, call us today! (212) 380-3634